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They Are Erecting New Homes On My Street

They Are Erecting New Homes On My Street

Austin home builder I moved here a couple of years ago and I am beginning to think that I made a mistake. There were many vacant lots on the street, but I did not pay that any mind when I chose my property. Now a developer has purchased all of it and he is having new homes erected. While this may seem like a good thing for some people, the mess they are making in the neighborhood and the endless noise is enough to drive someone completely out of their minds. I wish I would have considered this concept sooner.

My next door neighbor is more furious than I am. Apparently, he talked to the realtor when he moved in last year and she assured him that this was not something that was in the works. I guess she has to say whatever she needs to in order to make sure that a sale is made. I talked to someone the other day and they said the projects will be done by early next year. I guess everyone on the block has to suffer until then. This is certainly nothing I had ever expected when I moved here.

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